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I, Kirk Evan Maillet came to Socal after I finished at SJSU studing MRKT with an AD minor in 85 from Sunnyvale aka SILICON valley. After a year working for a commercial real estate firm, quit my job and started freelancing integrating everything computers.
Macintosh's and PC-dos, connected together YIN/yang I was busy. UNIX at&t server 3.1 with MS lan manager @ SAS airlines and PARADOX running on 14 workstations I was the king OF the world.
IN 93 we started TCP/ip and the internet. Database processing tables seeded into html, loved me. One month after I started publishing It had better circulation than yahoo from spidering by altavista for a while.
Along comes 1998 and google started feeding Yahoo a new scientific search pattern. was created for a customer, i bought it after 6 months. An assorted group of domains as vessels for content and SEO have since been seeded.,, , in addition to have survived .
Numerous systems have been created and cross referenced into these motherships. Every weird flavor of the month that came down the line for 17 years and counting has been integrated into the systems.
A point has been made to create and assemble content for clients that seeded SEO issues thruout my & their systems. The internet I realized very early on was keeping track of everything and building indexes.
Now a days everything is viral but it is also legacy. The search motors are weighting fresh & legacy when you ask a question,. Once upon a time the world said it was flat, then round. Daniel Webster, according 2 webster the author of dictionarys, if enough people misuse a word that becomes the definition. The internet is composed of instant answers. Legacy content and it's rank over time is the cake with viral as frosting.
I'am looking for people who appreciate what I've done and what I do.

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